At 3:16 pm I mentioned his name

About the Xbox and watching that show,

“One piece,”

with his sister

3/16 is his birthday

I smile

It’s 3:17 pm now

It’s her birthday

My St Pattys day baby

My children

the twin souls

Of a Gemini mom

Born five years and a day apart




love languages

I must remember to recognize when he is not speaking mine to me

He’s speaking his to me

He checks over the engine and vacuums the interior

I would prefer a back rub or a kiss

I am grateful, however, for the love he gives

Cause it’s mine and intended for me

from a thinker, not a feeler

to an extrovert from an introvert

which is why its hard for him to do



Baby and her father

Comparing my life to film

Head in the clouds

That’s the same 

I watch my husbands heartache as he is forced to confront the reality that his daughter is growing into a woman

The phase of life I never had 

The thing I robbed my mother of when I confessed my pregnancy a month after my quinceñera

A beautiful and sad process 

A necessary and unavoidable part of progress 

Filled with love and heavy with potential 

A new start

A parenting chapter neither of us know much about

Happy Fathers Day my love


avoiding using hiding organizing cleaning folding imagining re-arranging preparing writing thinking feeling listening longing hoping resting disconnecting coping escaping drinking burning tapping dancing  wiping stretching 

Mo men ts 

I take their breath away 

They bare all their teeth for me

Bless me with heartfelt thoughts of kindness 

Share romance through profound poetry 

Go the extra mile 

Let me have it for free 

Ask for my prayers 

Longingly look into my eyes 

Steal a touch 

Provide a “hook up” 

How are you fashioned?

Extra long?
Pointy and sharp?
Smooth? Sleek?
Hopelessly classic?

Exploit it.
Love it!
Don’t live without it.

Express it.

Flaunt it
It’s your gift

It’s that thing
That makes you – you.
So, show it.

Be fabulous
And stylish

Make it apply