Critical conversation

It’s a book someone read
A term I picked up
Anxiety builds up
Kiddie gloves I endure for you
do not soothe my nerves
As they are not for my benefit
I’ve finally come to the place where I draw the line
You are inconsiderate
And you’re not my problem
I’m not responsible for you
I don’t owe you anything
But I won’t say these things to you
I will be polite
Amicable when I clearly state the expectations
Re state them actually because you already knew
But you would draw this out as long as you could
so I will end it
You’re contract will not be renewed



it is so easy to dwell on one’s own troubles. They are never ending, there is always a stressor waiting around a corner.

However, I choose to send out a message of gratitude for the women in my life that bring a smile to my face, offer an ear, show up when they say they will, and always answer when I need them to.

witching hour escape

Sanity comes dressed in a black hooded cloak and takes my mind away to distant place

where coiled, plastic covered wires planted you to the top of the stairs or the inside of a dark hallway closet for hours.

I succumb to the memory of a scene that holds young love expressed through songs, poems, and love letters.

Secret meetings in the City surrounded by millions of people who didn’t care to know who we were.

We indulged in fantasies of grandeur, he even offered to use my poetry as an interlude on his album.

Penetrating my layers impeccably, he could have been the one.

The conjured images warm my insides and continue to endear my thoughts,

even at midnight.



I get it. Some people don’t feel about sex the way say a person in a committed relationship may feel. Some women really have nothing else to offer. It is a valuable commodity after all; intense release and pleasure are good for a person. And hey, if some schlep is willing to pay her rent for a good dick sucking, than good for her!! It would be sad if an eighteen year-long marriage was destroyed for a good blow job though. 

the other gemini in my life

I walk by your old apartment, the one across the street from me and I remember how easy it used to be.

I can still smell the dinners you made and hear the kids play.

You – a sister for life with an all access pass to me, myself, and I.

Gettin fucked up, doing fun and stupid things.

Even family vacationing.

Am I something from your past that you regret? Some sort of embarrassment?

An immature relationship that does not merit a phone call, text, or a computer screen character?

How could you stop loving me? I still love you.

How could you do it so easily? Was it really all untrue?

I still hold out for you and hope that you come through

for me – I really wish you would.

Miss learning, laughing, and loving you and yours.

Hope all is well in your world:

the man, the kids, the dogs, the job, your family, and their health

May you be blessed with all good things,

I truly wish you well.