truth be revealed

confrontation, depending on who it is may not be as easy as it seems

I can confront friends about bad relationships and call them out on their shit

I can phrase challenges and discrepancies to my clients

I can’t confront my husband about the mysterious “I miss you” text from an unsaved number he got though

Now it’s affecting everything

Every time he looks at  me I wonder if he’s thinking of more lies

Every time he shows me affection I wonder if he’s just trying to “throw me off”

I doubt every story he tells and every intention he’s had for the past forty eight hours

since I saw the words ” I miss you” light up on the fuckin I-watch I bought him

the unsaved NY 917 number brings back the vision of the picture of the woman in her underwear that was saved on the hard drive among our children’s Holiday band concerts

I am spiraling down

to a dark place again

Isolating in irritation and contemplation

uncalled for bad moods and shitty attitude’s are spewing out of me

can’t talk to anyone because he’s a prince in all their eyes and I can never dethrone him

I have too much respect for him

but does he respect me?

Is he lying to me? Is he cheating? Would he ever tell me the truth if he was?




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